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Advanced Composites Career Pathways (ACCP) Program

program overview

Supported by the Department of Defense (DoD) Office of Naval Research

Program partners:

Davis Technical College | University of Tennessee, Knoxville | Composites One | Vanderbilt University | University of Dayton Research Institute | Purdue University

Program States:

New York | Alabama | Florida | Additional states in consideration

Problem: Shortage of skilled laborers in the composites industry

The composites industry workforce gap is comprised of critical industry-sectors including aerospace, automotive, industrial, and medical industries. Through the production of composites items, these industries have a direct impact on the parts supplied to the DoD.

Davis Technical College offers a renowned composites program that has developed and implemented a fully established curriculum with highly trained instructors that can develop and work with other institutes to set up training programs designed to fill the labor gaps in the composites industry. ACCP builds out Davis Technical College’s composites training program at multiple community college and training locations across the U.S. to best serve the DoD manufacturing supply chain.

Solution: Create location-based training programs with national standards in locations central to the DoD manufacturing supply chain