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we are elevate

we are elevate

Expanding IACMI's workforce strategy

Supporting industry’s workforce needs with education and training

Leveraging program successes and industry partnerships made during IACMI’s first five-years

program highlights

Internship Placements

IACMI hosts interns each year at IACMI partner and member locations. Through the IACMI Internship Program, students have an opportunity to participate in a hands-on, research experience with an assigned mentor at one of IACMI’s partner or member organizations. The internship provides a maximum of 400 hours of participation either in a 10-week, short-term appointment or a long-term appointment spanning the course of one year.

Manufacturing Day

IACMI engages communities across the United States in recognizing employment opportunities in composites manufacturing, appreciating the involvement of composites-related organizations in their community, and training a future workforce that is excited about and driven to join the composites industry. By participating in Manufacturing Day, an internationally recognized event organized by the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), IACMI celebrates a day to focus attention on the workforce development opportunities in the composites industry.

Immersive Training Workshops

Immersive training workshops offer opportunities for hands-on training utilizing advanced technologies at IACMI facilities and through partnerships throughout the U.S. IACMI partners with organizations including Abaris Training, SAMPE, Composites One, and ACMA to host workshops across the U.S.

Emerging Topics for training include:

  • SMC Compounding
  • SMC Compression Molding
  • Composite Repair
  • Composite Recycling
  • Composites in Infrastructure



IACMI launches workforce development initiative, Elevate by IACMI

As IACMI looks toward its future in the advanced manufacturing space, its workforce development initiatives have grown in scope and diversity, leading the institute to create a workforce development program, Elevate by IACMI.

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IACMI celebrates National Manufacturing Day

IACMI celebrated #MFGDay with a virtual “Ask an Engineer” session between Wayne County schools and engineers and composites techs at IACMI SURF.

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